The Story of Sonbola

SONBOLA Group for Education & Development (SONBOLA) is a start-up grassroots apolitical NGO that started piloting its educational programs during Spring-Summer 2014 in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. It was officially launched during Fall 2014 and acquired its official registration in October 2015 in Lebanon.

In response to many discrepancies and critical gaps in addressing Syria’s education crisis, SONBOLA was founded in order to fill those gaps and address the education of Syrian refugee children and youth with a special focus on quality and sustainability. SONBOLA’s mission stems from the belief that every single child has the right to an inclusive and high-quality education irrespective of his socio-economic, religious or ethnic background (as per MDGs & SDGs). However, due to the scope of the crisis and lack of strategic educational solutions, SONBOLA’s educational model adopts a comprehensive approach based on the great complementarity opportunity between Formal Education and Non-Formal Education in order to accelerate learning and compensate for the huge academic and learning gaps of Syrian children and young adults. SONBOLA believes also in the vital role of the Syrian teacher as a key player in any educational solutions provided for Syrian children and young adults. As a result, SONBOLA’s three core programs are: Taleem, Tamkeen & Tadreeb as per described in the below section.

Sonbola Taleem

Taleem is the program related to providing support for Formal Education’s enrolment. SONBOLA launched its campaign @TakeMeToSchool in order to provide school transport for Syrian refugee children and contribute in removing a huge barrier from children’ access to formal education. 1300 children benef ...


Sonbola Tamkeen

Tamkeen is SONBOLA’s signature program in Non-Formal Education sector. This program aims to provide innovative and quality-based education support for children and young adults in order to empower and equip them with learning, critical and personal skills that are necessary for 21 st  century’s learning and employability. Blended learning (usi ...


Sonbola Tadreeb

Tadreeb is the program that addresses the Syrian teachers who have been marginalized throughout most of the educational solutions so far and who remain the main human resource for education provision during the post-conflict and recovery phase. This program provides a series of training and capacity building opportunities for Syrian teachers on various topic ...



If you believe in our mission and wish to support our cause, please contact us by filling the below section:

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We will respond to your queries in a short time, and inform you how you can support our programmes.

As small contribution can make a difference. Take action and be an agent for change.


If you represent an institution or a corporation that aims to support education programmes similar to ours, and wish to explore any potential collaboration with SONBOLA, please contact us by filling the below section:

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No one can do it alone, we strive to reach out to more children and young adults, and have positive impact on their lives through collaboration and strategic partnerships.


If you wish to sponsor or co-sponsor some of Sonbola’s special events, such as “Sonbola Choir Concert” or “Sonbola Summer Camp” or “Sonbola Charity Events”, please contact us by filling the below section:

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Your sponsorship is not only an act of generosity but an act of social responsibility and change making.

Volunteer & Promote

If you have technical or professional skills that are relevant to our programmes and wish to volunteer by sharing your expertise and knowledge, please contact us by filling the below section:

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We highly appreciate and cherish volunteers and wish to present them as role models to our children and young adults.


If you believe in the right of every child to have an inclusive and quality education, if you believe that Syrian children and young adults are no different from any others and that their future depends on the education they receive, be a Sonbola Ambassador and share our stories, and advocate for raising awareness about the importance of education in making a change in the lives of Syrian children and young adults. For more information, contact us by filling the below section:

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Nickolas Boke

A Consulting Teacher Trainer: “The Sonbola teachers are among the most dedicated, receptive and responsive I have worked with in more than thirty years as a teacher trainer. Their hunger for new ideas about teaching, assessing and managing their classrooms is testimony to their commitment to the well-being of their students. It has been an honour to work with them”.

Clara Harter

Senior Student and President of the GIN club (American School of Dubai) : “Sonbola's student-centered program provides an innovative approach to holistic learning wherein students are not just filled with facts but ignited as leaders and future thinkers. The non-formal program targets the specific needs of students, addresses psychological issues, gives an avenue for self-expression and exploration, and ensures students have the skills necessary to obtain the certifications they deserve.”

Maestro Barkev Taslakian

Founder & Conductor of Fayha Choir : "Our partnership with Sonbola proved to be very successful due to the shared values and objectives we both strive to achieve. Sonbola believes in the the power of music and its ability to help children overcome their psychological problems and make positive impact on their lives. With great dedication and professionalism, Sonbola facilitated our work which involved training Syrian refugee children and establish the Sonbola Choir. We are so proud of it."



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