Sonbola Tamkeen

Tamkeen is SONBOLA’s signature program in Non-Formal Education sector. This program aims to provide innovative and quality-based education support for children and young adults in order to empower and equip them with learning, critical and personal skills that are necessary for 21 st  century’s learning and employability. Blended learning (using ICT), immersive learning, interactive and experiential learning are among the pedagogical methodologies implemented in Tamkeen Program. Tamkeen, is run at SONBOLA Learning Centre which provides a package of learning activities and experiences over a cycle of 2 months covering 200 children at a time. The package includes remedial education in four subject areas (Arabic, English, science & math); computer education, robotic program, psychosocial support through art, music and drama and citizenship education through “The Little Citizen” and “The Debate” clubs. In less than 2 years, over 2200 children benefited from Tamkeen’s program.